FRIO Review – Insulin Cooling Case for Diabetics


FRIO Insulin Cooling Cases

Available from Amazon, FRIO Insulin Cooling Cases are a convenient way to keep insulin cool. We own the Large and the Duo above.

I’ve been reading a number of diabetic blogs recently and many people are wondering how to handle natural disasters, such as the tornadoes and hurricanes that have been hammering the country the past couple months.  While we aren’t typically affected by them here in the Burgh, we do own an item that would be especially useful in times like those; it is called the FRIO (available here).

The FRIO is an insulin cooling case that requires no refrigeration or ice packs, which is perfect for power outages.  All that you do is put the cooling bag in water for a few minutes and pat it dry a little bit.  This activates the beads inside, turning them to gel which stays cool through evaporation and lasts for more than a day (ours have lasted several).  They are reusable and so far, durable.  They say it works in weather up to 100 degrees and will keep the temperature of the insulin between 64 – 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

When Kevin was still using pens, he was able to put them in a FRIO and put it in his pocket.  This was particularly handy when we went to Orlando last year and wandered around Disney World (with all those very tempting goodies).  It was very hot but the FRIO kept his insulin nice and cool to the touch.

Since he has switched to the pump, we rely on the FRIO more for traveling purposes.  It helps to keep his insulin at a moderate temperature on road trips and when there is no refrigerator in the hotel room (or if it is malfunctioning since we don’t want it to accidentally freeze the insulin, leaving us in a bad position).   This handy item comes in a variety of sizes and shapes that can hold vials, syringes and/or pens depending on your needs.  It also comes in a few colors to choose from, including red, burgundy, black, royal blue and evergreen.  We have a FRIO Duo, which he mainly used when he was carrying an insulin pen on him, and a FRIO Large for vials and/or backup pens for traveling (both in burgundy in case you’re wondering).

Note – There is also an insulin pump shaped case called the FRIO Pump which he has not tried and therefore we cannot review; but it could prove to be ideal for activities in hot weather.  It is also said to protect against the cold, although we have not tested that for ourselves.  However, it might be a good option for skiing.  Overall, we like the FRIO because it helps preserve the insulin and gives us some peace of mind while traveling.

Aside from being ideal for natural disasters, power outages and travel, the FRIO might also be helpful for hiking or camping.

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