Watching My Type 1 Husband Seize, Hallucinate and Not Recognize Me

One year ago today I was confronted by a side of Type 1 Diabetes I had never seen before and pray to never see again. It took over my husband’s body, forcing out a person that not only couldn’t recognize me but was fearful of me as well. I became an intruder in his eyes, which may hurt more than anything else. Although 365 days have passed, it seems like only one. This is the side of that day he... read more

The Most Valuable Lesson I’ve Learned about Managing Type 1 Diabetes

A severely low blood sugar landed me in the ER one year ago today. Sometimes life throws you curve balls or even a wild pitch here and there. Most of the time we can either step out of the way or do our best to swing at each oncoming challenge. 2011 was more than just a curve ball; it was a giant boulder that seemed to crash through our lives all year long. It began one year ago today, when my wife... read more