Type 1 Diabetic Cough Medicine Scot-Tussin Review

The first time I got sick after developing diabetes in 2004, I was still living at home and I can remember my mom buying every type of diabetic cough medicine that she could find.  This included Diabetic Tussin, Sugar-Free Robitussin, Scot-Tussin and a slew of sugar-free cough drops.  Over the years, the one that has come to work the best for me is Scot-Tussin DM. Scot-Tussin diabetes cold... read more

C8 MediSensors Noninvasive CGM Approved for Sale in Europe

A little over a year ago I first wrote about C8 MediSensors HG1-c noninvasive continuous glucose monitor (nCGM).  This week I received word from the company that their device, which uses light to measure glucose in the interstitial fluid, has gained CE Mark Approval for sale in the European Union.  European customers can reserve C8 MediSensors Optical Glucose Monitor System via the... read more