FRIO Review – Insulin Cooling Case for Diabetics

I’ve been reading a number of diabetic blogs recently and many people are wondering how to handle natural disasters, such as the tornadoes and hurricanes that have been hammering the country the past couple months.  While we aren’t typically affected by them here in the Burgh, we do own an item that would be especially useful in times like those; it is called the FRIO (available here). The FRIO... read more

A Swimmer/Lifeguard Seeks Advice on Switching to an Insulin Pump

Recently, a seventeen-year-old high school swimmer who spends her summers lifeguarding emailed me looking for advice on making the switch from daily shots to an insulin pump.  I wanted to share our correspondence, as I know there are others out there who might be wondering if an insulin pump is a good fit for someone who is in the water a lot.  If anyone else can offer any tips or advice, or has... read more