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My BS (my blood sugar) chronicles the highs, lows and everything else related to my blood glucose levels. If you’re a type 1 diabetic, this section might help you to not feel alone. From hypoglycemia to ketoacidosis, here’s where you’ll find detailed accounts of my struggle with type 1 diabetes in relation to my blood sugar levels. Post comments and share your own related highs and lows.

Kycie Terry’s Type 1 Diabetes Fight and Death Heard by Many

On Saturday July 11, 2015, a post appeared on Facebook that shook the diabetes community and beyond. Five-year-old Kycie Terry, diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes less than six months ago, had passed away. It was the kind of news that you have to read twice and even a third time, hoping that somehow you’re misreading it. Back on January 30, Kycie had suffered severe brain damage after Type 1 diabetes... read more

Type 1 Diabetes Song – A Little Bit Longer by the Jonas Brothers

I realize that this Jonas Brothers song has been out for a little while now (released in 2008), but a friend from high school whose daughter was just diagnosed with Type 1 posted it to her Facebook wall the other day. So, I thought it was a good time to remind fellow T1s and parents of T1s that you’re not alone, no matter how isolated you might feel at times. Like most of you, I wish that there were... read more

Can Sunburn Raise Blood Sugar?

With the warmer weather finally here, my wife and I headed to our community pool yesterday.  It was an overcast day, with the sun only occasionally peeking through the clouds.  I decided to forgo the sunscreen for most of the two hours we were there, eventually applying some to my shoulders an hour in.  Needless to say, it doesn’t take bright sun to give you a burn, and today I woke up a bit sore... read more

Type 1 Diabetes Hypoglycemia Deaths Per Year

Several times a year I hear of severe hypoglycemia taking the life of another Type 1 diabetic.  Most of us are familiar with “Dead in Bed” syndrome, which is the term used to refer to severely low blood sugars taking the lives of children as they sleep.  Since these deaths almost always can be prevented with proper management of the disease, I set out to discover just how many Type 1s... read more

Watching My Type 1 Husband Seize, Hallucinate and Not Recognize Me

One year ago today I was confronted by a side of Type 1 Diabetes I had never seen before and pray to never see again. It took over my husband’s body, forcing out a person that not only couldn’t recognize me but was fearful of me as well. I became an intruder in his eyes, which may hurt more than anything else. Although 365 days have passed, it seems like only one. This is the side of that day he... read more

The Most Valuable Lesson I’ve Learned about Managing Type 1 Diabetes

A severely low blood sugar landed me in the ER one year ago today. Sometimes life throws you curve balls or even a wild pitch here and there. Most of the time we can either step out of the way or do our best to swing at each oncoming challenge. 2011 was more than just a curve ball; it was a giant boulder that seemed to crash through our lives all year long. It began one year ago today, when my wife... read more

A Swimmer/Lifeguard Seeks Advice on Switching to an Insulin Pump

Recently, a seventeen-year-old high school swimmer who spends her summers lifeguarding emailed me looking for advice on making the switch from daily shots to an insulin pump.  I wanted to share our correspondence, as I know there are others out there who might be wondering if an insulin pump is a good fit for someone who is in the water a lot.  If anyone else can offer any tips or advice, or has... read more

Thoughts on My Diabetes Diet, Dr. Bernstein, and Stable Blood Sugars

Today, a Type 1 diabetic of 28 years sent me an email asking for my thoughts on the diabetes diet plan I’ve been following, which is outlined by Dr. Bernstein in his book Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution.  I’ve included both the reader’s email and my response below, as I feel both are important for me to share, especially given the positive results I’ve seen.   Hello Kevin, I am a... read more
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