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My BS (my blood sugar) chronicles the highs, lows and everything else related to my blood glucose levels. If you’re a type 1 diabetic, this section might help you to not feel alone. From hypoglycemia to ketoacidosis, here’s where you’ll find detailed accounts of my struggle with type 1 diabetes in relation to my blood sugar levels. Post comments and share your own related highs and lows.

Continuous Glucose Monitor Removal Video – Transmitter and Sensor

Today, after five days of wearing Medtronic’s iPro Continuous Glucose Monitor, it was time to take it off.  The iPro CGM is used by healthcare professionals to gain an in-depth snapshot of a patient’s blood glucose levels over a certain period of time, in my case five days (Medtronic’s web site actually says the iPro can only record for 3 days, but my doctor’s office told me that it can in... read more

Insurance Approved Me for Continuous Glucose Monitor and Insulin Pump

Shortly before noon I received a call from Allison, an inside rep for Medtronic.  She phoned to go over the pricing of both the MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time Revel Insulin Pump and the Guardian REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.  The Revel is a combined insulin pump/CGM and the Guardian is a standalone Continuous Glucose Monitor.  The purpose of her call was to also inform me that my... read more

Continuous Glucose Monitor + Insulin Pump, or Just a CGM?

Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from Carlo, a rep for Medtronic, makers of the Guardian REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System and the MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time Revel System that functions as a CGM/Insulin Pump.  He seemed eager to offer all the information that he could, and he told me that he would be at my doctor’s appointment on Monday to demo the two devices.  He talked up the... read more

Getting a Continuous Glucose Monitor Approved by Insurance Company

Today is Tuesday February 1, 2011, three days after Saturday morning’s severe hypoglycemic episode.  Yesterday, my wife and I visited my endocrinologist in an effort to make adjustments to my insulin regiment and to attempt to begin the process of obtaining a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).   A continuous glucose monitor is a device that consists of two parts, one part, the transmitter, contains a... read more

Severe Hypoglycemia – Seizures, Hallucinations and a Trip to the ER

Yesterday morning I woke up to two paramedics and a police officer standing over me in my bedroom.  I was on the bed and my wife was hurriedly handing them juice boxes and cracker packs.  “Can you drink this?” the paramedic said, holding a Hi-C juice box in front of me.  By that time I had been seizing and hallucinating for the previous fifteen or twenty minutes, but I remembered nothing.   As I... read more
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