C8 MediSensors Answers My Questions about the HG1-c Noninvasive CGM

After reading the company press release, researching their website, and writing my October 8th article about C8 MediSensors forthcoming noninvasive continuous glucose monitor (or nCGM), the HG1-c, there were still numerous questions about the device that remained unanswered.  I decided to contact Mr. Doug Raymond, the Vice President of Business Development and Customer Support for C8 MediSensors, Inc.,... read more

C8 MediSensors Noninvasive CGM is Welcome News for Type 1 Diabetics

Each year more than 30,000 Americans, half of them children, are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  They join the nearly three million Americans already suffering from the disease, who, like me, are faced with multiple daily finger pricks to test the amount of glucose in their blood.  In order to cover the period of time when we’re not pricking our fingers, many Type 1 diabetics use a continuous... read more