Type 1 Diabetic Cough Medicine Scot-Tussin Review

Scot-Tussin Diabetes Cold and Cough Medicine

Pictured in its new packaging, Scot-Tussin is the diabetic cold and cough syrup that has worked for me.

The first time I got sick after developing diabetes in 2004, I was still living at home and I can remember my mom buying every type of diabetic cough medicine that she could find.  This included Diabetic Tussin, Sugar-Free Robitussin, Scot-Tussin and a slew of sugar-free cough drops.  Over the years, the one that has come to work the best for me is Scot-Tussin DM.

Scot-Tussin diabetes cold medicine is not loaded down with sugar alcohol, and although it warns that it may cause drowsiness, it does not knock me out like other non-diabetic and diabetic cough syrups on the market.  I’ve been using Scot-Tussin for over seven years now, including to help battle my recent sinus infection that I developed last week.  After struggling for two days with clogged sinuses that resulted in discomforting pressure in my face and head, my wife traveled to our local CVS Pharmacy to pick up a new bottle since our old one had expired.  Within 24 hours, the worst of the symptoms were gone and I was left with a bit of drainage that has taken five days or so to begin to subside, the infection having just about run its course.  During the final stages, I’m only taking Scot-Tussin before bed to prevent increased coughing while lying down.

We’ve only been able to locate Scot-Tussin (fully titled Scot-Tussin DM Maximum Strength Cough Suppressant & Cold Relief) at CVS Pharmacies.  As always, please study the labels before taking any new medication, as there are certain scenarios whereby the medicine may conflict with current medications you are taking, or may be inappropriate for consumption due to pregnancy, etc.

You can order Scot-Tussin online from CVS Pharmacy and it is also usually available in CVS stores.

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