Watching My Type 1 Husband Seize, Hallucinate and Not Recognize Me

One year ago today I was confronted by a side of Type 1 Diabetes I had never seen before and pray to never see again. It took over my husband’s body, forcing out a person that not only couldn’t recognize me but was fearful of me as well. I became an intruder in his eyes, which may hurt more than anything else. Although 365 days have passed, it seems like only one. This is the side of that day he... read more

FRIO Review – Insulin Cooling Case for Diabetics

I’ve been reading a number of diabetic blogs recently and many people are wondering how to handle natural disasters, such as the tornadoes and hurricanes that have been hammering the country the past couple months.  While we aren’t typically affected by them here in the Burgh, we do own an item that would be especially useful in times like those; it is called the FRIO (available here). The FRIO... read more

Support Our JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes Team

As many of you have read, January’s incident has sparked a number of changes in our lives this year.  Aside from starting a blog about challenges Type 1 Diabetics face, Kevin has entered the world of insulin pumps and CGMs, done a complete 180 with his diet favoring a Dr. Bernstein-esque plan, and in May we decided to sign up for the local JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.  The Pittsburgh walk is on... read more

Travel Lancets – Disposable Lancets for Quick Blood Glucose Testing

Every diabetic has to do a fingerstick to test their blood sugar level multiple times a day but sometimes the necessity comes at the most inopportune time.  A few months ago while we were waiting at Walgreens for my husband to get his flu shot, I tripped over a product that made the task easier and quicker.  They are called travel lancets (available online here).  These are single use lancets that... read more

A Carb Counting Book that We Find Helpful

In 2008, when Kevin and I began dating, I decided to start looking for things that may help him tackle the daily tasks of having diabetes.  One of the first things that I set out to look for was a good carb counting book for diabetics.  After reading reviews online, I decided to pick up the 2008 Version of The Calorie King Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter book by Allan Borushek, because it... read more

I Didn’t Think it Would Be That Bad – My Husband and Hypoglycemia

The effects of this experience are still rearing their ugly head today, prompting my husband to ask me, “didn’t you think it would be that bad?”  Good question… I was aware that soon after my husband was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes he had an episode of low blood sugar that resulted in him passing out, seizing and being taken to the hospital.  He had been on vacation with his then-girlfriend... read more