Getting a Continuous Glucose Monitor Approved by Insurance Company

Today is Tuesday February 1, 2011, three days after Saturday morning’s severe hypoglycemic episode.  Yesterday, my wife and I visited my endocrinologist in an effort to make adjustments to my insulin regiment and to attempt to begin the process of obtaining a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).   A continuous glucose monitor is a device that consists of two parts, one part, the transmitter, contains a... read more

Severe Hypoglycemia – Seizures, Hallucinations and a Trip to the ER

Yesterday morning I woke up to two paramedics and a police officer standing over me in my bedroom.  I was on the bed and my wife was hurriedly handing them juice boxes and cracker packs.  “Can you drink this?” the paramedic said, holding a Hi-C juice box in front of me.  By that time I had been seizing and hallucinating for the previous fifteen or twenty minutes, but I remembered nothing.   As I... read more
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