The Most Valuable Lesson I’ve Learned about Managing Type 1 Diabetes

A severely low blood sugar landed me in the ER one year ago today. Sometimes life throws you curve balls or even a wild pitch here and there. Most of the time we can either step out of the way or do our best to swing at each oncoming challenge. 2011 was more than just a curve ball; it was a giant boulder that seemed to crash through our lives all year long. It began one year ago today, when my wife... read more

Diabetes Artificial Pancreas FDA Approval Plan Finally Outlined

After years of delays, it looks like the FDA is finally outlining a plan to make the artificial pancreas a reality for type 1 diabetics. Yesterday, the organization set forth design and testing recommendations that scientists and device manufacturers should follow in order to speed up the approval process. While safety is of the utmost importance, the FDA has clearly been slow moving in seeing the device... read more

C8 MediSensors Answers My Questions about the HG1-c Noninvasive CGM

After reading the company press release, researching their website, and writing my October 8th article about C8 MediSensors forthcoming noninvasive continuous glucose monitor (or nCGM), the HG1-c, there were still numerous questions about the device that remained unanswered.  I decided to contact Mr. Doug Raymond, the Vice President of Business Development and Customer Support for C8 MediSensors, Inc.,... read more

C8 MediSensors Noninvasive CGM is Welcome News for Type 1 Diabetics

Each year more than 30,000 Americans, half of them children, are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  They join the nearly three million Americans already suffering from the disease, who, like me, are faced with multiple daily finger pricks to test the amount of glucose in their blood.  In order to cover the period of time when we’re not pricking our fingers, many Type 1 diabetics use a continuous... read more

A Swimmer/Lifeguard Seeks Advice on Switching to an Insulin Pump

Recently, a seventeen-year-old high school swimmer who spends her summers lifeguarding emailed me looking for advice on making the switch from daily shots to an insulin pump.  I wanted to share our correspondence, as I know there are others out there who might be wondering if an insulin pump is a good fit for someone who is in the water a lot.  If anyone else can offer any tips or advice, or has... read more

Thoughts on My Diabetes Diet, Dr. Bernstein, and Stable Blood Sugars

Today, a Type 1 diabetic of 28 years sent me an email asking for my thoughts on the diabetes diet plan I’ve been following, which is outlined by Dr. Bernstein in his book Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution.  I’ve included both the reader’s email and my response below, as I feel both are important for me to share, especially given the positive results I’ve seen.   Hello Kevin, I am a... read more

TSA Takes Pregnant Woman’s Insulin Vial at Denver Airport

As a type 1 diabetic who likes to travel, I’m aware of most of the various situations that can arise at airport security checkpoints.  So when my wife forwarded me a news story about a pregnant woman whose insulin was confiscated by the TSA at the Denver International Airport, I knew I had to share it.  You can find the whole story here at the Channel 7 Denver News web site. Apparently, the TSA... read more

The Cake Mistake – Diabetes, Birthday Cake and My Blood Sugar

It’s no secret that cakes and other flour-based desserts are treacherous territory for diabetics, especially when they’re prepared by someone else and there is little or no knowledge as to the amounts of each ingredient.  While my wife and I were on vacation celebrating our birthdays and anniversary (May 13th is my birthday, May 14th is hers and the 15th is our anniversary), I decided to have several... read more
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